V5D(2G-60) Real-time Monitor (Single-use)

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Effectively conduct real-time temperature monitoring throughout the entire process (-30°C ~ +70°C)

Frigga V5D(2G-60) is a Single-use real-time temperature and positioning data logger. It can monitor temperature in real time throughout the whole process, and provide real-time location and trajectory. It is a key equipment for logistics and quality departments. The Frigga family of products is helping life sciences customers achieve end-to-end digital management of their supply chains. By visualizing operations during transportation and warehousing, adding alerting mechanisms to prevent loss of goods, automating data analysis to improve compliance, and helping customers efficiently develop and sell their products.   

This model is suitable for -30~70°C temperature environment, with built-in digital temperature and humidity sensor. If a lower temperature range is required, other types of products can be consulted.


Key Features and Advantages 

Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, location information, temperature range -30°C ~ +70°C;

Built-in heartbeat mode, support remote start, ensure that the device records data throughout the process;

Real-time reporting and alarming of temperature, light, and location information to prevent and deal with risks caused by temperature fluctuations;

Send real-time alert via Email, SMS, APPs (Android and IOS);

Dual system design: PDF report can be downloaded via USB port or remotely through the Frigga cloud platform 

Large-capacity local storage, keep recording and store during offline mode .Data retransmission once the signal is restored . No data loss.

Support remote parameter setting, modify alarm threshold, adjust battery life Weak-light detection, effectively prevent the button from being triggered by accident.

Digital display, easy to use.

Multi temperature point calibration certificates issued by  the original factory for each device

The Frigga cloud platform provides full visualization of real-time data and alerts. The platform and APP support global use, and monitor the following data in real time throughout the process, such as:              

● Real-time alarm of temperature        

● Temperature trend warning        

● Arrival notification        

● Door or carton open, vibration monitoring        

● Real-time positioning of goods        

● Dynamic playback of the whole trajectory        

● long-term storage of data

Data are automatically uploaded to the Frigga Cloud platform, providing complete quality traceability and system records to improve the quality of products and services, and to speed up the research and development of pharmaceutical products. Data and analytics, location and trajectory, mobile applications, etc., all help to achieve this goal and drive continuous improvement of the supply chain system.



Configure Parameters
Usage Type Single-use(Max 60days)
Monitor Information Temperature, Light , Location, Track routes
Temperature Sensor Internal Texas Instruments (TI) Brand Digital Sensor (NIST Traceable)
Measurement Range -30°C ~ 70°C (-22°F ~ 158°F) 
Temperature Accuracy Range Temperature:±0.5°C (-20°C ~ +40°C); ±1°C for other range
Resolution 0.1°C 
Temperature  calibration Certificate Multi temperature point calibration certificate issued by  the original factory
Light Sensor Range 0~52,000 Lux, detect whether doors or cartons open
Memory Capacity Max 28800 readings (Cyclic recording)
Location Type Base station positioning (even in indoor, freezer and incubator)
Cellular 2G network. 
SIM card Internal Embedded (Global Data Roaming)
Shelf Time 12 Months
Use Time  Up to 60 days (Reporting interval can be set via platform)
• 60 days(60 Min reporting interval)
• 30 days(30 Min reporting interval)
• 20 days(20 Min reporting interval)
• 10 days(10 Min reporting interval)
Data Logging Interval 10 Min. (settable via platform) 
Data Reporting Interval 10 Min. (10/20/30/60 Min settable via platform)
Information indication LCD: Max/Min/Avg temperature, Temperature Alarm, Working Status
LED indicator: Over temperature alarm, Charging, Low battery
Environmental Rating IP64
Cold Chain PDF Report  Get PDF report via USB2.0/ Frigga cloud platform/Frigga Track(Mobile App)
Dimensions/Weight 103 x 61.3 x 23 mm / 140 grams
Certifications FCC,CE,RTCA/DO-160G,UN38.3,ROHS,WEEE,
Storage temperature range -10°C ~ +55°C